Graphique’s Ultimate 2014 Holiday Gift Guide


headerIt’s that time of the year again where it’s probably a good idea to get some gifts for others as well as yourself (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) With that sometimes comes a lot of pressure to make sure you get everybody in your life the perfect gift. Since it’s snowing copious amounts outside of our office, we figured we’ll help you do it all at once. So here we go!dadLet’s start with Dad. My Dad is a huge tech guy. Tablets, phones, desktops, wearables are all super awesome gift ideas! But with those comes a hefty price tag, and so you should protect that investment and help him out with something to protect those portable devices. We have tablet cases for iPad, iPad Air, and even iPad Mini. They all feature a rugged design that looks stylish and can even roll up to make different angled stands. Score!sisNext up is your sister! I’ve got a smartphone, you’ve got a smartphone, she’s got a smartphone. There’s tons of cases out there, but if I had to bet, probably a good amount of them are thick and in multiple pieces or thin pieces of rubber. Not very stylish or functional. So check out our line of smartphone cases! They’re super thin, protective, and even have a wallet slot on the back for ID and credit card! We’ve got cases ready to go for Apple iPhone 5/5S & 6, and Samsung Galaxy S4 & S5!

momMoms love hosting awesome parties. And why shouldn’t they? There’s never a reason to not get together with your closest friends and family to have fun with great food and drinks. So why not dress up all that fantastic food and drink? We’ve got tons and tons of cocktail napkin designs perfect for all occasions. We’ve even designed a whole line just for the Holidays. Boom. giftgiverIs it a little strange to be gifting specifically to a gift giver? Probably. Does it make it any less awesome? Nope! After all, you’re giving gifts, and you clearly know they are too. Hook them up with one of our many boxed note designs. Matching boxes, high quality card stock, plenty of room for them to add a personal touch, and even envelopes! We have all kinds of lines such as La Petite Presse. Are they into Barbie? Got them covered too.
organizerOrganization doesn’t always have to be boring notebooks that fall apart, calendars without pictures, and pens that break the second you use it. Fashion their lives with our ENORMOUS line of calendars. We have tons of different lines of journals, sketchbooks, and more! They have high quality paper, and a textured feel. Seal the whole thing up with one of our writing instruments. We have stylish pens that come in a matching product box. Our styluses are great for the techie organizer. One end is a high quality pen, and the other a stylus for their smartphone and tablet. Nailed it.

So there you have it. We’ve got a little bit for everybody, and that’s just a handful of our products. We even do stretched canvas and have whole collections of products. We hope you have as much fun gifting our products as we do creating them.

– Happy Holidays from Graphique!




Behind The Scenes – Building Our 2015 Catalog

By Maria G., Product Designer, Graphique

I always find it fascinating when I see products I designed come alive from a sketch to a real life product. Very few people get to see the nitty gritty that goes into the making of a catalogue, and believe me, there’s a lot of nitty and a whole lot of gritty.  Here’s a step by step process for creating some of the intro pages for our upcoming 2015 catalog…with a little help from New Kids on the Block.

Step 1:  We can have lots of fun—Buy super cute coffee mug. Now this step is very important, as it will set the tone for your entire process. At least, that’s what I like to tell myself.

 Step 2: There’s so much we can do—We put together a top-secret board for our own internal use. This usually gets the ideas flowing, and it also helps us have an excuse to use Pinterest during work ours. Buhuhaha.

Screen shot 2014-11-06 at 1.26.01 PM

Step 3: It’s just you and me— It’s a lot more efficient for me to sketch out what I am imagining so that Kristina (our photographer) can have something to go by when she has to do photo-shoots.  Because believe me, when the time comes and I have to explain, it’s as if I forgot all my words. So sketches are helpful. This way I can point to her and mumble.


Step 4: I can give you more— Now we photograph. And photograph. And one more time…photograph.

photo 2

Step 5: Don’t you know that the time is right. Huh! — Once all the shots are taken and magically made beautiful, I lay out the page. And bibbidi, bobbidi, boo! We have an intro.  Now that wasn’t so hard!


Ok there might be some slight panic attacks in between, some trips to go buy shoes to help with the panic attacks, but no need for you to know this.

P.S. If you don’t know what song I used… we can never be B.F.F’s. Sorry mom.